Postal Optimization: More postage savings for customers

Our team works hard every day to put your direct mail into the mail stream for maximum postal discounts. There are different ways to optimize your postal savings. One tool we use is called the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb).

Does this sound familiar? The IMb barcode retains pertinent information for that particular mail piece being mailed. What is this barcode and what does the barcode do for you? The IMb provides information that helps the post office manage mail more efficiently through the use of automation. We work diligently to make mailings flow easily through the Post Office; as a result, our customers reap the benefits in the form of automation discounts. Simply put, because we are a full-service mailer using IMb, we can mail from our facility using your existing Omaha indicia/permit.

Never used IMb before, but would like to get started?

Have a mailing permit identification number; that’s all we need? If not, we’ve got you covered with our corporate indicia. Based on that, we can obtain your Mailer ID (MID) and retrieve your Customer Reference ID (CRID). This information allows us to set you up in our system and begin dropping your mail at a discounted rate.

Questions? Just ask!

Postal regulations can be cumbersome to understand at first. However, our mailing department is able to provide insight on postal regulations and postage costs. This knowledge will help us help you plan ahead to maximize your mailing piece while minimizing your postage cost. It is important your design will work to it’s full potential – so let us know early on in the process if there are questions or concerns. We can confidently identify if a piece is machinable and/or mailable and suggest ways to make it eligible for the lowest possible postage rate. That said, it is our goal your piece mails cost effectively, and more importantly, reaches your prospective customers. Let Elman Print ensure your next mailing meets the proper criteria to maximize your postal discounts.