What Are Your Bottlenecks and Challenges

Notes from Adam Michaelsen, Account Executive at Elman Print. When visiting a client recently, Adam asked what their Bottlenecks and Challenges are. They were slightly caught off guard. Why would our printer care about our Bottlenecks and Challenges? Adam explains why it is a valuable question he asks! 

That’s precisely what Elman Print does in order to help our clients grow. We are interested. We genuinely want to know. We will ask! We constantly evaluate what makes our clients more successful. When a common theme is echoed – we take a step back. It is important to slow down and listen very carefully.

It has long been Elman Print’s belief that investments today will pay dividends in the future. Understanding our clients’ pain points and challenges, we are able to identify and develop a wish list. Then help them attain their goals by investing in the latest technologies. We have grown our capabilities over the years to respond to a wide range of demands for complex projects, yet still run a nimble family-owned operation that is sensitive to client needs.

This mindset and intentional approach applies to our thoughtful equipment purchases, software investments, and building expansion. Our capital expenditures over the past decade fall across all segments of our services. Our goal is to stay on the forefront of new technologies. These important goals, in conjunction with our rigorous quality controls have been the foundation of our ability to thrive in the current economic climate.

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