Taylor Elman – Sales Rep

Yes, Taylor is the son of Mark. Yes, Taylor grew up around printing. However, there is plenty more to his story and how he has been formed into the Sales Rep he is today.

Taylor began his journey by making deliveries for Elman for over a year. He grew to learn our customers, was able to put faces with names, and was a positive face of our company on the streets. During this time Taylor learned what it meant to be a part of Elman Print. It means second-to-none customer service. It means doing whatever it takes to make sure our clients are happy. He learned that our success only thrives off of the success of our clients and our printing materials make that happen.

Once he decided that printing was in his blood, Taylor transitioned into a learning role. He spent time learning the ins and outs of every aspect of commercial printing. Taylor studied under Gavin, our prepress manager, where he dove into many design platforms. He now understands what designers need to keep in mind when designing a product for print production rather than just for digital reproduction. From there, Taylor spent time in our press room where he began to understand what it takes to transfer images from concept to paper. The last department was bindery where Taylor learned to run everything from our cutter and folders, or our saddlebinder and inkjet machine. The amount of knowledge he has gleaned from our employees here at Elman has formed him into the Sales Rep he is today.

Due to his tenure in every department, Taylor can speak knowledgeably about the printing process from start to finish. It was necessary to learn each step to be able to better assist our clients. At Elman, we do not have just Sales Reps; we have individuals who understand printing. Individuals who can speak about a piece and the best way for it to be produced as well as help clients brainstorm new ideas to help their company stand out via their printed products.

Taylor is married to Brenna Elman and they have one dog named Moose. Outside of work, Taylor enjoys golfing, fishing and hunting. He can be found dropping a line with some of our press team employees. His other interests also include working on his Jeep or catching up on a new series with Brenna.

Taylor is a young face to Elman and he is excited to continue is relationship with current clients and eager to build new ones. Give Taylor a shout to discuss your next printing project!


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