Gavin Sis – Prepress Manager

Creating a product to look the way the artist envisioned starts with our prepress department. Prepress is the first stop in the production process, and one of the most important steps. After files are received, our prepress staff take the time to check fonts, links and bleeds, ensure correct CMYK or PMS values, paginate projects if needed, lay out die lines, and make sure our crop marks, registration marks, and cut lines are in place. All of these checks are necessary to ensure the printed product comes out with the high quality our team and our customers expect.

Another key aspect that our prepress handles is the proofing stage. This is a sample of the final product provided to the client that is meant to ensure that all information, type, colors, and folds are correct. A proof could be either an electric version (PDF) or a hard copy made from our proofing equipment. Proofs are done after the file is ripped; which means loaded into the Heidelberg software ready for production. If edits need to be made our staff will gladly assist with those changes until the client is ready to move forward.

All of these details are just the start of what our prepress department does to make sure the final product is flawless. As Gavin said, we refuse to be a cookie cutter operation simply putting ink on paper and calling it good. We do everything we can to make sure what we send out the door is exactly what our clients envisioned.