Setting your project apart from the rest.

Our name may be Elman Print, but our team does far for than just printing.  Over our 40 years in the printing business we have learned that the more processes we complete in-house, the more control we have regarding the timeliness and quality of a project. This reason alone was enough for management to invest in a Kama ProCut 76. The Kama ProCut 76 offers several different post-press processes but the one we are highlighting this month is diecutting.

Diecutting is a great option to produce a piece that is attention-grabbing and unlike anything else. The opportunities are endless with how to manipulate a paper product using diecutting. The first step is to create a dieline; a layout of the document showing how the paper will be diecut post-printing. Once the dieline is created, our team will develop your unique die using a wooden board and steel rule.

We can manipulate paper, laminated products, cardstock, labels and more into your desired shape. Our team has the attention to detail to carry out even the most intricate diecuts. We are well versed in the diecutting craft so don’t let the list below narrow your ideas. If you have an idea, give us a call and we can work together to create your custom die setting your project apart from the rest.

Pocket Folders             Kiss-cut Labels             Boxes                     3D Objects

Gusseted Folders        Door Hangers               Tear-Off Mailers      Form-a-lopes

Pocket Brochures        Giftcard Holders           Specialty Invites      Angled Cuts

By completing the diecutting process in-house we can cut costs for our customers, decrease timelines, and guarantee high quality. All three of these points are important to Elman Print because they are important to our customers. Give us a call to discuss how a diecut could increase your response rate, grab more attention, and differentiate your company from competitors.