CX102: Expanding opportunity with new technology.

In our quest to find superior solutions for our clients, Elman Print has installed a new Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102 printing press. The new press can have several different meanings depending on who you are. As a client of Elman Print it stands for quicker turn times, color accuracy, and large format opportunities. For competitors of Elman Print it confirms a higher competition. As an employee of Elman Print, it shows growth in the industry and proof that Elman Print is the printing company of the future. To Mark Elman, President of Elman Print, it means everything aforementioned above. “The purchase shows growth in capabilities and job security for our employees. It is an investment into the company for our clients, their projects, and our ability to keep turn times to a minimum without sacrificing quality.”

The most important perspective of adding the CX102 is what we can offer our customers. What we do every day here at Elman Print is for our customers and keeping their best interest at the forefront. Being able to offer our customers a wider range of options, with competitive efficiency, while reducing our footprint is a step into the future of printing.

The Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102 is a 40” press with speeds up to 16,500 sheets per hour. This press faces few challenges in the print world. One highlight is the fact that the CX102 can handle both lightweight paper and cardboard and everything in-between. In addition to overcoming stock challenges, this press also has a resolution for cost efficiencies. Built into the CX102 is the technology for a reduction in make-ready sheets and energy consumed. The press is able to have color measurements results within 30 sheets!

In order to continue to explain what the CX102 means for gaining efficiencies, we need to discuss how Elman Print is able to achieve a high quality product, every time. The first piece of the puzzle is our people; the pressmen at Elman Print are second to none and all have been trained how to operate the CX102 with ease. The rest of the elements for high quality print at top turn-times come with the technology. The Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102 is the first offset press to offer a fully automated process for changing jobs; push-to-stop. This automation includes queuing up jobs for the entire day and automatic plate changes that take less than two minutes. In between jobs, the press is able to simultaneously wash-up both the blanket and impression cylinder in less than 1 minute. Another piece of technology is the camera system positioned at the delivery end for precise color management; it reads the color bar densities with instant data feedback that is communicated back to the ink train immediately for the highest color control in the industry.

One of the attributing factors to Elman Print’s growth is the constant reinvestment into the company. The CX102 adds another dimension to Elman Print’s fleet of presses; propelling them into the large format market. This will allow Elman Print to be more competitive in pricing larger projects and higher quantities.